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What To EAT With That Sore Mouth?!?!



Here at Dr. Marc’s office, we ALWAYS have patients coming in and out with sore mouths, because they have new braces, or new wires, or new appliances in their mouth that their teeth are not used to! And just because you have a sore mouth doesn’t mean your stomach has decided its not hungry. So we have decided to make a list of some of the foods you can eat throughout the day that should help with that hungry feeling.

So lets star with breakfast;




* Cereal

*French Toast


On to Lunch and Dinner;

*Cooked Veggies


* Mac N Cheese


And of course everyone’s favorite Desserts and Snacks;

* Ice Cream



* Jello

*Saltine Crackers

* Cookies (with milk so they get mushy)


Remember, you can add milk or juice to most food and cook any veggies to make them mushy and easier to eat when your mouth is sore.

You can also shred and cut any fruit or veggie to make it easier to eat!


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