Please note:

One upper and one lower retainer are included in your treatment fee.

For best results, retainers should be worn full time (except when eating) for the first 6 months after your braces are removed.  Following the first 6 months, retainers should be worn overnight.

Your treatment fee includes one upper and one lower retainer as well as two follow up retainer check appointments.  The initial retainer check appointment is typically scheduled 3 months following delivery of your retainer and a second retainer check appointment is scheduled about 7 months later.

Option 1 – Hawley

Replacement Cost: Moderate


  1. Longest lasting (even up to 20 years if taken care of)
  2. Allows for some limited post treatment adjustments
  3. Easy to see therefore less likely to lose


  1. Visible wire that some patients may refuse to wear during first 6 months
  2. Removable, therefore requires cooperation

Option 2 – Essix

Replacement Cost: Most Economical


  1. Invisible therefore more likely to be worn
  2. More comfortable than Hawley


  1. Shorter life span
  2. Hard to see when outside mouth (more likely to lose)
  3. No ability for post treatment adjustments
  4. Removable, therefore requires cooperation

Option 3 – Lingual

Repair / Replacement Cost: Expensive


  1. Cannot be seen (bonded behind the teeth)
  2. Not removable so requires no cooperation


  1. Not possible on every patient – requires Dr. approval
  2. Provides no control to posterior (back) teeth
  3. Positioned where lower teeth impact and may cause breakage requiring replacement
  4. No warranty (not even for one day)


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